Every day the popularity of the song “Chances zero” is rapidly growing. Angelica Nacheva и Artur Khalatova. This dynamics can be clearly seen on the ACB TV YouTube channel, where the number of views of this video has already exceeded 20 000 000!

Naughty, playful song written in words Margarita Biragova and the music of Biragova and Khalatov, lightningly sunk into the soul of the audience and, according to Arthur, became one of the most popular in the video network of Caucasian hits:

“A lot of cover versions of this composition are walking on YouTube,” says Khalatov, “I constantly see myself, and mine friends send me various videos. And it is very nice. So, we are listened to, people like, they want to sing, they are happy! It is joyful to realize that our duet gives positive emotions and enjoys such success! ”

So, if you have not seen the video version of the song “Chance Zero”, welcome to YouTube!

We also remind you that you can always download the track itself on all major music services.

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