The creative evening of the beloved duet from Ossetia by all was held in a warm and friendly atmosphere and with great success. Zarina Bugayeva и Ruslana Sobieva.

The concert, held in the framework of the “Young Go” project, was organized by the leadership of the National Scientific Library of RNO-A and was held in one of its halls.

The evening brought together friends and relatives, colleagues and fans of the artistes. The singers performed several of their hits, as well as presented to the guests musical novelties, including a video for the Ossetian song “Ouarzyn”, a new composition called “Under the Scope”, and, of course, the main event of the program of the event - the pre-show of the new video - “Where you ”, shot in Tbilisi.

“By the time we decided to hold this concert, our video just arrived, and we decided to hold a presentation at the same time. Our guests liked the video, it caused a storm of applause! There were a lot of pleasant reviews, and now everyone is waiting for the video to be released on YouTube, ”said Ruslana.

Colleagues and friends of the singers also took part in the concert program of the evening: Honored Artist of the Republic of North Ossetia-Alania Arthur Nalbandyan, Alibek Yedziev, Natalya Sobieva, Nana Tibilova, Alan Muzaev and Elena Khatagova.

According to Zarina Bugayeva, the creative evening was grand, and all this was largely due to the audience: “The hall that was most memorable at the evening was a warm audience. There were not many people, only the closest ones, but their loud applause and ovations sounded so that it created the feeling that we were singing somewhere in the “Olympic”! We would like to thank the Sound-M company for the help and support, ”the performer says.

According to Zarina, there will be more such events now, and in the near future several more premieres will be waiting for fans of their work ...