Video "Está Rico" was released on the official channel of Mark Anthony on YouTube

Will Smith and Bad Bunny also took part in the shooting. The release of the track of the same name is marked by tomorrow's date (30 September 2018 of the year), but the song is already available for listening on Yandex.Music, probably living a step ahead of the entire planet.

It is noteworthy that Anthony’s lead role in the song did not prevent the music aggregator from indicating Will Smith as the first performer in the description, tacitly agreeing with its greater significance in the premiere as such, possibly from the point of view of producing. The audio version of “Está Rico” is more than a minute shorter than the clip, because it lacks the types of beautiful ladies, wads of money and chips, and the decoration of the casino where the action takes place. In less than two days, the video was watched by three million viewers, let's do it too.


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