Musical publishing house “Zvuk-M” is one of the most large-scale and successful companies for the protection of copyright and promotion of artists, the catalog of which is updated weekly with new songs and videos. The variety of tracks, which often become real hits, allows Zvuk-M to take part in the largest projects of the Russian scale, which opens up new opportunities for publishing artists!

One of the latest projects of this kind was the film “Kitchen. Last battle, which is shown in cinemas since 20 April. Those who have already watched the comedy, for sure, heard and learned such hits as “Vodka - Bitter Water” by Azamat Bishtov, “He Steals and Calls” by Murat Tkhagalegova and “Dance of the Horsemen” by Eldar Semen.

The tracks “Zvuk-M” used in the film “Kitchen. Last fight"

The colorful compositions fit perfectly into the picture and became one of the brightest parts of the film's musical design.

A shot from the film “Kitchen. Last fight"

In the story, the main character Ivan suddenly meets at the World Championship among cooks with his father, the famous chef Viktor Barinov, trying to sort out these relationships, earn the trust of his culinary team, and also, among other things, help TV anchor Dmitry Nagiyev to escape from the mountain village in Abkhazia, where he is forced to marry. Well, and what is the preparation for the wedding without Caucasian music? This is where the audience will hear the favorite tracks of the artists "Sound-M".

In general, do without spoilers. See for yourself in the movie “Kitchen. Last fight"!

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