The contest of art songs starts in Pyatigorsk

The Ministry of Culture of the Stavropol Territory and the Municipal Institution "The Department of Culture of the Administration of the City of Pyatigorsk" organized the regional contest of author's songs "The City of Our Destiny", which will be held in Pyatigorsk.

Both professional artists and beginning performing artists are invited to participate in the competition dedicated to the Day of the Territory. To become a member, they need to send an application with the author's musical work dedicated to the city, village, village or any other locality of the Stavropol Territory before 10 September.

How to apply for participation in the competition

Apply for participation need to e-mail: marked "Song of the city." Attached to the application is a complete piece of music with a printout of the text and a melody in the musical version. It is also advisable to provide an audio or video composition. For more information, please call: (8793) 33-28-24 or 33-36-91.

Requirements for competitive materials

According to the styles and musical genres of vocalists and creative teams do not limit, but the song must be performed in Russian.

Stages and awards

The tournament will pass in three stages: qualifying, which will be held from 11 to 16 September; the final, at which the selected works will be listened to on September 21, and the final will be the winners awarding ceremony, as well as a big gala concert, which will be held on September 22 in the City Hall No. XXUMX.

According to the Ministry of Culture of the Stavropol Territory, in the main nomination "Song" will be awarded the Grand Prix, as well as the laureates of I, II and III degrees. Special nominations of the competition: “Author” (“Best author of the text”, “Best author of music”, “Best arranger”) and “Performer” (“Best vocal performer”, “Best instrumental performer”).
In addition, according to the results of open public voting, the Audience Prize will be awarded.

The songs about his hometown are touching and very warm subjects, which often concern the performers of the music publishing house “Zvuk-M”. There are songs in different languages ​​and about different cities in the list of patriotic songs of the company, but they all keep pride in their people, admiration for the beauty of their native land and love for their homeland.

We invite you to recall a few songs dedicated to the native cities of our performers: Levon Sarkisyan and Varsenik Sarkisyan “My city is Kislovodsk”, Slaventy “Vladikavkaz”, Makka Mezhieva "Nokhchyn g1ala" ("City of Grozny").

And here is how the concert of the regional contest of the author's song “The City of Our Destiny” was held, awarding the winners in 2017.

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