October 10 popular artist Islam Itlyashev became a dad with many children - he had a third child.

Now four-year-old Ayla and two-year-old Amiran have a younger brother, who was named Hamid. By the way, the baby was born in the birthday of the oldest.

Islam noisily and cheerfully celebrated the birth of a third child in a circle of close friends, traditionally slaughtering a lamb.

Islam cheerfully celebrates the birth of a third child in the circle of close friends

“I want Hamid to grow up to be a decent, courageous and strong guy!”, Says Itlyashev. For him, this is a very important and joyful event, because the family for the performer is always in the first place.

“I dreamed of a big and friendly family. And I am very grateful to my wife for this comfort, and to God - for such a gift! ”, Says the artist.