25 April: Sergey Leshchev's video “Forgive You”

In the new video and a twisted love story, and elements of cool action movie, and good, victorious evil ...

Heroes involved in a love triangle Sergey Leshchev @sleshchevplaying himself, Daria Stus, who got the role of his beloved, and the famous public on the TV project “2 House” Alexander Zadoynov, whose hero shoots his rival ...

Watch Sergey Leshchev's video clip “Forgive You”

Sergey Leshchev: “We are real in the video! Catch our emotions! ”

Sergey Leshchev
Sergey Leshchev

“I have goosebumps all over my body today, because I was looking forward to this premiere,” says Sergey, “a huge team worked on creating a video, and I am grateful to everyone who is in the frame and behind the scenes for an excellent result.
We shot this video in the Krasnodar region, about three days. It was a fun and very exciting process! I remember how at the beginning I arrived at the site and brought with me a bunch of costumes of various styles and a lot of accessories for creating images. And our director and ideological inspirer - Peter Angelov looked at me, standing in ordinary trousers and a jacket, and said: “Seryog, stay in what you are wearing. It will be more pleasant for viewers to see you real. ” This was our motto. We enjoyed the process and tried not to overplay. So in the clip we are real! Catch our emotions! I hope the audience will also appreciate the plot, on which we worked together with the team, laugh and rejoice at the end with us. Enjoy all! I bet you enjoy it! ”

We remind you that the track “Forgive You” is available for listening and downloading in all digital storefronts.

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