“You will definitely find it!” - Azamat Bishtov about the new track and how to meet love ...

Today, with the support of the music publishing house “Zvuk-M”, a new song has been released. Azamat Bishtov in the Adyghe language - “Dene razhiny1e” (“Where are you”).

Listen and download Azamat Bishtov’s song “Dene Gorges1е”

What inspired the artist to this track, and to whom it is dedicated, Azamat told us on the day of the premiere

Azamat Bishtov
Azamat Bishtov

“I wrote music, fun, incendiary, which seemed to say for itself that this song was about the search for happiness. As soon as the idea was formed in my head, I told it to the author Zamira Zhaboeva, who wrote the text. The song is about how a guy is looking for a girl. Time passes, but he still can not meet with her.
The plot, we can say, is taken from life, because everyone wants to quickly find their love. So romantics and especially those who are still in search of love, I dedicate this track! And I want to say - you will definitely find it! Guys, the main thing is not to sit and wait at home, but to act! Girls, and you believe in a secret meeting ... ".

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