For a talented songwriter Vasily Nekhocev this summer was very fruitful. In addition to working on already written songs that are currently at the stage of re-arranging, the author is known for his works in the chanson genre, working hard on new tracks, which should be released in independent autumn in early autumn.

So, from August 11 on all digital platforms you can listen to and download 5 of Nekhotsev’s fresh tracks performed by Alexander Vodorezov: “Relax in the Caucasus,” “I Need You,” “I Miss You,” “Beloved Bouquet” and “You Are The Most.”

In addition, active work is underway with the singer Stas Zhandarov, who is recording vocals of newly written songs that promise to become new hits.

You can listen and download songs by Nekhotsev from iTunes, Google play, Apple music. Music Beeline, Yandex Music.