Artur Khasanov on the filming of the video "Seeds"

Who can tell more about the process of filming the video, if not the director, on whose shoulders lies a huge creative and technical task, on the fulfillment of which depends much of the success of the future product?

Artur Khasanov, head of Petrucho film production, spoke about how the shooting took place the most anticipated premiere of the fall - clip Angelica Nacheva и Sultan of the Hurricane for the song "Seeds".

Only three days has been determined on shooting a new project. They walked in locations of the ethnographic museum "Ataman", which is located on the Taman Peninsula.

The film crew, artists, dance group “ZOOM dance project” and director of the company “Zvuk-M” began work immediately on the day of arrival.

Dance group "ZOOM dance project" on the set of the video "Seeds"
Dance group "ZOOM dance project" on the set of the video "Seeds"

Clip "Seeds" - the result of a cohesive team

“There were a lot of difficulties,” says director Arthur Khasanov, “Because the team was large, and if at least one participant wouldn’t have done their job in time, then we simply wouldn’t have time for these three days. Moreover, Sultan had to leave for one day, and we urgently had to think about how to organize the process more fruitfully, despite the absence of the main character. As a result, we spent more time on shooting the plot, which made the whole video much more interesting. So I was pleased with the result. In addition, there was an abnormal heat, but a positive attitude helped us to survive. The atmosphere was so friendly and positive on the set that it was doubly pleasant to work. ”

Arthur Khasanov: "On the set of the video" Seeds "reigned incredibly cheerful, friendly and positive atmosphere
Artur Khasanov: “On the set of the video“ Seeds ”an incredibly cheerful, friendly and positive atmosphere reigned. Taman. June 2017

Preparation for the shooting lasted a month before the process itself, which largely helped to optimize it. The director has a difficult task: to make a new clip that was shot in the same locations and with reference to the same 50-60-her years that were shown in the clip “To the disco!”.

“At the same location, different directors can shoot different genres, ranging from comedy and ending with a horror movie. And each has its own look and taste. To go to a place where a very successful video has already been shot is a challenge to yourself. See what other directors didn't see before me. And, by the way, long before our clips, these locations have been used in big films more than once.

Working moments of shooting the video "Seeds". Taman. June 2017 of the year.
Working moments filming video "Seeds." Taman. June 2017 of the year.

Anyway, the choice of the same locations that were used in the clip of Sultan Uragan and Murat Tkhagalegov “To the disco!” Implies an involuntary comparison of two directorial works - Bisher Yerko (“One Light Studio”), who shot “To the disco!” And Arthur Khasanov, working on the clip "Seeds".

“I, of course, am pleased that the not yet released video“ Seeds ”is already compared with such a hit. After all, the clip “To the disco!” Was nominated for the RUTV award (in the nomination “Breakthrough of the Year”) and collected more than 100 millions of views in the network. And if our work will repeat the success of my good friend Bisher YerokoI will only be glad of it. Moreover, he was one of those who, at the initial stage of development of our studio, helped and supported with his advice and shared his experience, ”says Arthur Khasanov.

The main characters of the video "Seeds" - Angelica and Sultan

As for the main characters of the video, the performers of the song “Seeds” - Angelica Nacheva and Sultan Hurricane, then, according to Arthur, there was such a successful creative tandem that the work simply could not help arguing.

“Working with Angelica, especially in the duet with Sultan, is a little adventure. Both artists have behind them many years of experience in the Caucasian show business.

These are people who personify the face of our variety art and do it well.

The second name of Sultan is “Hurricane”, it in fact emphasizes his character and desire to work like a real hurricane.

Well, Angela’s perseverance and ability to work is what every artist should strive for. She raised the bar so much that there is no such second Angelica Narosova. For me, from those with whom I have worked today, it is number one! ”

Now Artur Khasanov is working hard on the project "Seeds". According to the latest data, the video will be released in October ...

Arthur Khasanov, the crew of Petrucho film production and Sultan-Uragan during the shooting of the video of Seeds. Taman. June 2017 of the year.