Russian actor, singer and composer Vitaly Gogunsky @gogunskv, also widely known to the public as Kuzya from the TV series “Univer”, together with Vitaly Vinogradov (dj Vini) presented a song and a clip entitled “Caucasus”, in which picturesque landscapes of the region, dances of the peoples inhabiting this region, and wonderful words about the Caucasus merged !

Initially, the premiere of the clip took place at the Mashuk youth forum, and later the video appeared on the artist’s YouTube channel.

A video was shot in August of this year near Kislovodsk. According to the portal, the participants of the Stavropol Cossack folk ensemble “Khutorok” were involved in the filming @hutorok_pyatigorsk, students of the dance school of Yulia Malinovskaya and dancers of the ensembles "Golden Fleece" and "Atikva".

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