If the temperature rises, and the distance between the two quivering hearts is reduced, then the new incendiary track of Anna Bershad's “Make the Body” sounds, in which passion, freedom and love are woven together!

This is a song of love, kindling the heart, and a beautiful body, eye-catching. If you are satisfied with yourself internally and externally, then the world around plays with bright colors! There is no place for prohibitions and prejudices - “do as you like!” ...

“Once during a training session in the gym, I realized that the girls are constantly working on themselves: prepare themselves for 8 in March, for the New Year, for their birthday, for the summer season, finally! - says Anna, - we work hard every day and it's great! In addition, now is a time when at the peak of popularity, proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle, so this topic is more relevant than ever for those who “make themselves” and for people from the fitness industry who help us achieve our goals. But the main thing is a song about love! Therefore, I wish my listeners a big and pure love, a beautiful body, and that you always have a good mood, positive emotions and correct attitudes! ”- the singer says.

Well, is it time to take care of yourself? .. Listen to the new song by Anna Bershad, get inspired and “make your body”!

Listen and download Anna Bershad's song “Make the Body”

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