The composition of the group "HATTI" - "Gathe jagu"

With the first rays of the warm, spring sun, not yet bright, not hot, but really warming, spring comes to the life of the sleeping world. And the companion of her first day will be the group “HATTI” with the single “Gathe jagu” (“Spring Dances / Games”). It's time to let warmth into your heart, along with HATTI.

Listen and download the song "HATTI" "Gathe jagu"

Track author Arsen Indarokov plays acoustic guitar and Iepapshine, Adyg wind instruments Anzor Uvizhev plays on the national accordion and Iepapshyne - Betal Ivanov, bass guitar - Arsen Haptsev, Zaur Shabatukov - piano, and Kazbek Balkarov on percussion.

It's time to smile at the new day and warm others with your smile, you need to help the sleepy sun! And you will wake up after hibernation help "HATTI".

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