On the eve of two solo concerts, which will be held this month, the singer Albina и Fati Tsarikayev playing 2 ticket!

Users of the Instagram social network have a real opportunity to get free of charge at one of the concerts to be held in Nalchik and in Vladikavkaz, as well as to receive prizes from the artists: a t-shirt or a mug with the hashtag of #RAMZA song!

Ticket drawing terms

To take part in the drawing, you must:

- take a picture against the background of the advertising banner of the concert of female singers;

- publish this photo on your page;

- Mark 5 friends;

- put in the description the hashtag RasKBR (if you want to a concert in Nalchik), or Rasma Alanya (if you want to a concert in Vladikavkaz).

At the time of the competition profiles of participants must be open.

The winner will be the one who fulfills all the conditions, and whose photo will pick up the most number of likes! Results will be summed up on April 23.

We remind you that the solo concert of the singers in Nalchik will be held on April 24 in the DC of Trade Unions, and in Vladikavkaz - on April 25 in the KZ of SOGU.