New release from “Kavkaz Music” label: album of famous Caucasian artist released Aslana Thakumachev @aslan_thakumachev_ - "Siphuogumescl."

The track list includes 13 songs in Kabardian. The name of the album was one of them. Translated from Kabardian, it means "My soul seeks you."

Syphuogumsl is a lyrical collection, most of the songs included in it are revealed to the most beautiful of feelings - love. The authors of the songs for this album were such eminent composers and poets as: Aslanbi Mamiev, Khasan Sokhov, Timur Losanov, Roman Shankov, Zaur Gendugova, Madina Berova, Aslan Dudarov, Madina Kertieva.

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Listen and download Aslan Tkhakumachev’s album “Syphuogumeshl”

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