New instrumental album released group «BZABZA» @ ensemble.bzabza The track list includes 6 melodies, written on the basis of the original old Adyghe and Abaza-Abkhazian music pieces.

Zuber Euaz
Zuber Euaz

“I put special effects on them, and the result was deep and penetrating compositions. This is music both for dancing and for ordinary listening, ”says the author of the tracks, Zuber Euaz, to stop at the bustling race for illusory benefits, look around and see the world in its most beautiful destination. People are used to the fact that the music of the Caucasus is rhythm, drums, speed. Our project breaks stereotypes. For the first time in many years, we bring to the public the original musical culture. ”

The melodies are presented to your attention under the name: “Abezahe laperyfeh”, “Dzhylekhsteny k'afekXNUMHykh”, “Euaz Zuber and ujarajahher”, “Quasara”, “Talosteny k'efalj1ykh”, “Abasiuhan”, “Abashuhanh”, “Quasarah”, “Taloosteny k'efaljekNNHXykh”, “Abasiuhar”, “Quasara”

To listen to and download the album “Euaz Zuber and Ujarajjeher” is already available in all digital storefronts.

Listen and download the album “Euaz Zuber and Ujarajjeher” by the group “BZABZA”

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