Honored Artist of the Chechen Republic Makka Mezhieva once again pleases fans with the release of a new album. “Brother you are mine” included 10 tracks in Russian and Chechen languages, among which are lyric compositions and catchy lezginki. All of them are united by one theme - love: to the Motherland, to the family, to his people, to the man.

Listen and download the album Makki Mezhiyeva "You're My Brother"

Among the tracks included in the track list are such songs as “Favorite Capital”, “Boy from Baku”, “Zhima nuskal” (“Young Bride”) and others. Including the song that gave the name of the album - “Ruslan doykur yurt” (“My brother are you”).

The new album of Makka Mezhieva, like the previous ones, is available for listening and downloading in all digital storefronts.

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