“Ezar”, which means “Favorite” in translation, is the name of the album by Shah Islangiriev, released today.

It contains songs about tender feeling, dedicated, according to the artist, the most important thing in life:

“In the compositions included in the track list, they sing about love for the Motherland, for the girl, for life. It is love that unites all aspects of life and makes the heart beat faster. Therefore, the name was chosen symbolic.

I worked on this album for the last couple of years, selecting the right tracks. The songs should not just please the ear, they should carry a deep meaning. For example, in the album there is a composition “Life path”. In it - comprehension of the past, known. There is sung about the advice of parents, about the roads that we go through, trying to change the fate. And love is our eternal companion. And while she is with us, life plays with bright colors, ”says Shah.

Hear what love appears in the songs of Shah Islangiriev, you can now - the album "Ezar" is available on all major music services, including: iTunes, google play, Apple music, Music Beeline, Yandex.Musicas well as in the BOOM application for users of social networks VK и Classmates.

Listen to Shah Islangiriev's album “Ezar” (“Favorite”)