Redji bloom @redji_bloom introduced today a novelty - a dynamic track called "From night to morning."

Redji bloom
Redji bloom

“Each of my single is born in a special way. As I mentioned, many situations in life have a certain meaning for me, inspiring new heights. And this song is no exception. I always try to convey the meaning of the track to my listener so that every line, every word clings to the soul. My team helps me in this, my second family, where everyone is talented in their own way. We are very subtle and responsible in our approach to the process, in each song, and we are stubbornly and persistently moving towards success, ”says the singer.

In the near future, Redji Bloom fans will find many more sincere, interesting compositions that the team is currently working on. In the meantime, we offer you to download today's novelty - the song "From night to morning" is already available on our website!

Listen and download the Redji Bloom song “From Night to Morning”

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