The young and talented singer of the Stavropol cover band "Persons" Stas Zhandarov created a creative tandem with the author of songs Vasily Nekhocev, which resulted in the album "In the Golden Gardens".

“With Vasily, as is often the case, we met quite by accident,” Stas recalls, “after which he offered me to perform a couple of his songs, I tried, we recorded demo versions, it turned out pretty good. Then they began to work further. What is nice, he is always very worried about his songs, in the process of recording he tried to come to the studio as often as possible and control the process. I hope that work with him will continue further. ”

Vasily Nehotsov and Stas Zhandarov

This time, Zhandarov performed in an unusual role for himself, performing 7 songs in the chanson genre, and did it brilliantly! It should be noted that three other vocalists were taken for these songs before Stas, but only in the warm and charming performance of this singer, the compositions really came to life.

“It's a pleasure to work with Stas! - says Nekhotsev, - because he professionally approaches every track. ”

The album "In the Golden Gardens" can be the soundtrack for the novel

During the time the album was waiting for its performer, the arrangements underwent changes, sometimes drastically changing the original intent of the spiritual author of the project, Vasily Nekhotsov, who wrote all the verses for the album. The album "In Golden Gardens" can be a wonderful soundtrack for a hot romance! And it doesn’t matter that the yard is already autumn, and under your feet is a carpet of multi-colored leaves, because the positive energy of the album will make you forget about it and fill you with cold everyday life.

“I am very glad that my first album is finally coming out,” Stas comments, “it contains songs about the most beautiful feeling on earth - about love! I think it is precisely by this that he must win the hearts of the listeners! ”

Talented arrangements, beautiful poems, interesting presentation - all this makes the material of the new project very promising, so it will appeal to many listeners.

And from today you can see for yourself personally - the album is already available in all digital stores in the world, including iTunes, Apple music, Google Play, Yandex music, Music Beeline.