New sounding of your favorite track: Aidamir Eldarov @aidamir_eldarov introduced the song "And you did not come on a date!"

Written by the author Zina Kubanova, and having gained great popularity in its time, the composition “Your Kisses” performed by Akhmat Batchaeva received a rebirth today.

Aidamir Eldarov
Aidamir Eldarov

“I always liked this song, so I asked Ahmat for permission to perform it, and he agreed. I did not plan to completely copy the track, in my version it sounds a little different - in a style closer to the chanson. When the single was recorded, I immediately showed it to Akhmat, and it was nice to see his surprise and hear the approval of the remake, which sounds new now. I hope that this version will also appeal to listeners, ”the performer says.

From today, the song of Aidamir Eldarov “And you did not come on a date” is available on all digital platforms, and we invite you to listen and download it right now!

Listen and download the song by Aidamir Eldarov “And you did not come on a date”

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