Unusual video novelty prepares singer Lilit for their fans - a clip in the style of fantasy for the song “IM YAR”, performed in the Old Armenian language.

The plot of the new video mixes historical plots and footage from the modern era. And at the core lies a story that will play out in front of the audience:
“In ancient times, when arbitrariness and cruelty reigned on earth, and the world was the rule of ignorance of the rulers and their entourage, there was a small invincible State - Alexia, who was ruled by Queen Lilit. Everything would be fine, but the court needed a musician who would cheer them from morning till night. His quest was not successful. And then, having failed to find a musician in her era, Queen Lilith decided to travel to another dimension, accompanied by her retinue and faithful adviser Sergio ... "

What came out of this, learn 28 of April - on the day of the premiere of the LILIT “Im Yar” video!

In the meantime, we can lift the curtain of intrigue and tell us that the video was filmed by: Sergey Zverev (SUPERSTAR) Voice project by Michael Blaise (Michael Blayze), Comedy Club sound producer Arman Pahlevanyan (BIG BRO), Tiger educator Mikhail Zaretsky, Natalia Sergeenko, Victoria Lukashenko, Sarkis Harutyunyan, Valeria Lukashenko.