New teaser for new video released Janibek Ramazanova

“This Night” is a love track performed by an artist that he himself wrote.

The demo of the song was created over a year ago, when the time came to give her life, the singer not only wrote an incendiary track in his own style, but also shot a beautiful plot video on it.

Murad Bakhmudov became the director of the video telling that love always triumphs. The main role in it was played by a model named Saeed.

The clip is expected to premiere March 21 of the year.

Filming the city at night, luxury cars, expensive restaurants and, of course, a charming heroine - all this has become part of a romantic story, the full version of which viewers will be able to see on March 21, also on the Sound-M YouTube channel.

Watch the teaser of the clip of Janibek Ramazanov "This Night"