Azamat Pheshkhov presented a song about happiness and tenderness

New love song performed by Azamat Pheskhova - A romantic story of mutual feeling, which you can safely devote to your beloved.

Listen and download Azamat Pheskhov's song “Darling”

Filled with tenderness and confession track about happiness, "which lasts forever," wrote Aslan Abdokov, arranged by Ruslan Abdokov.

Azamat Pheskhov
Azamat Pheskhov

“Initially, creating this song, we just played it to the guitar. In this performance, it also sounds very harmoniously, ”says Azamat,“ therefore, perhaps, in the future I will do a remix, an option for an acoustic guitar.
Today I give the new song to the audience, I hope they will like it, add bright colors to the relationship and give a good mood! ”

The track “Darling” by Azamat Pheshkhov can already be downloaded and listened to on all music services.

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