Popular performer Shamil Kasheshov @shamil_kasheshov introduced today a new composition. An incendiary song about a bewitching beauty is called “Eyelashes” and, according to the author, was born spontaneously as romantic feelings come into our lives.

Shamil Kasheshov
Shamil Kasheshov

“Once again, while playing music, the words came to mind:“ no one can compare with you, my queen, ”the author and performer says,“ I began to pick it up and when the verses and chorus were ready, I decided to sell the song, but something stopped me ... And I do not regret it. The composition turned out to be dynamic, the image - bright. I want the track to give pleasant emotions to the listeners. After all, any girl would like to feel like a queen, and any man would like to be next to such a beauty, who is sung about in the single. ”

This song, among others, will be included in the concert program, which the artist is currently working on. And this means - there are still many new compositions ahead and, of course, a meeting with the audience at a recital.

Listen and download the song of Shamil Kasheshov - “Eyelashes”

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