Completed shooting a new video for music Aslana Tlebzu - "Circassian view".

Next week there will be a video premiere, but for now we talked with a popular musician about what inspired him to this project, and who helped to realize this idea ...

- Aslan, please tell us how the composition itself was born?

- Music was born thanks to one Circassian. Her image inspired me to write a composition that would become something of a hymn for all the women of our nationality. I tried to praise in this work education, purity, chastity, everything that should be inherent to Circassian women from ancient times, and in order to fully imagine this, we decided to create a complete product - to make a video clip.

Aslan Tlebzu: In order to convey the image that has developed in my head, I have more clearly, I asked to express it in poetic form to my friend - Aslan Kubaliyev
Aslan Tlebzu: I tried to glorify upbringing, purity and chastity in this work

- The clip will also include poems. Who do they belong to?

- In order to convey the image that has developed in my head, I see more clearly, I asked to express it in poetic form to my friend, Aslan Kbalaliyev, who writes magnificent poems. We already have a lot of joint projects with him, including the recently released “Circassians we are!”, So that we are united not only by friendship, but also by creative union. Aslan gladly responded, and as a result, his poems and my music harmoniously merged into one whole. It turned out exactly what we expected. You can appreciate it when the clip comes out. Naturally, the theater and film actor Said Bagov also took part in our creative tandem and voiced this text. We have repeatedly worked with him on other projects and happily continue to do so.

To shoot the video, we invited the team “Petruchostudio”, with which we also worked together on the project “We are the Circassians!”.

- And who did you invite as the main character of the video? After all, surely, did the Circassian herself also have to play?

- Absolutely. There were a lot of contenders for this role. Previously I made a casting in my Instagram account, where I announced that I was looking for a suitable heroine. I put a lot of photos in direct. These were girls from Karachay-Cherkessia, Kabardino-Balkaria, Adygea and Krasnodar Territory. It was difficult to choose the very one that with its appearance could convey the image of a modern Circassian woman and, on the set, would also be able to vividly reveal it. With the choice, we were not mistaken. There was no doubt that the girl who passed the selection for the role, cope, because there was a clear idea of ​​exactly how she should play. And my expectations were fully met!

- You do not name the girl. Is this an idea?

- Yes, we specifically keep it a secret and reveal only at the premiere. This is a kind of surprise for fans. Even when the casting was over, I did not announce the name of the winner. With the girl, perfectly conveyed the image of the Circassian, which I tried to show, the audience will meet on the day of the video.

- Intriguing ... Well, let's talk about the shooting itself. Where did they go, and who was the scriptwriter?

- I am the author of the idea, script and director of the video. Since what I felt and wanted to show is known only to me. Therefore, I always entrust this part to myself.

In the photo: Aslan Kabalaliyev, Aslan Tlebzu and Kazbek Kodgeshau
In the photo participants of the project: Aslan Kabaliev, Aslan Tlebzu and Kazbek Kodgeshau

We decided not to delay filming and went along with the project participants and Petrucho studio to Krasnodar. The work went to a large well-designed photo studio.

Thanks to a carefully thought-out concept in advance, our work was packed into 12 watches. We cohesively and quickly worked with the whole team as a single mechanism, which gave such a result. I sincerely thank everyone who took part in the project: Said Bagov, Aslan Kabalaliev, Artur Khasanov and Petrucho Studio and, of course, our model. We supported each other in the process of filming and coped with the general difficulty.

- Aslan, so what is the main goal of creating a project?

- We have done a good job, from which I expect a clear result - I want that what we narrate in my picture had a positive effect. Namely, so that girls appreciate the importance and cultivate in themselves those qualities that are inherent in a woman, future mother, sister, daughter, and so on ...

- Thank you, Aslan! I had no doubt that Cherkesshenko’s Look was a project that, like your previous works, carries a deep semantic meaning and moral value.

Well, next week we will see a new clip of Aslan Tlebzu, which you can rate on his YouTube channel. In the meantime, I propose to see the photos that the maestro has shared with us.

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