The other day a popular singer Khasbulat Rakhmanov He became one of the heroes of the program "Art & Facts" on the TV channel "Kuban 24".

In a conversation with the leading Ekaterina Slavyanskaya, they managed to touch on a lot of topics in a short time. Artist told about his participation in the contest of talents "Hunting on the stage", about a new concert program, life principles, plans for the future, and also performed a fragment of his hit “Jealous”, which, as Hasbulat emphasized, is very much loved in the Krasnodar region.

In addition, the singer shared that during the years of his first appearance on the stage, and to this day, he concluded that he had become wiser, although he clarified that a certain degree of seriousness was always inherent to him:

“From early childhood I had goals, I knew what I wanted. Now I’ve figured in my head that I have 10 more years over which I want to try to “go wide” and achieve my main goal. I want to give advice to everyone, especially young people, so that they, first of all, find themselves as individuals. You have to go straight through life, to understand what you want, ”says Khasbulat.

You can view the full interview with the artist right now on our website.