"New Year's Eve" - ​​a song for "lighters" in the New Year

Niko Lite (Nikolai Timofeev) continues to immerse the audience in the New Year's atmosphere! “Refrigerator NIK Band” - a new project by Niko Lite, in which today came the first single - “New Year's Eve”.

Niko Lite
Niko Lite

“This is a new fun song to celebrate the New Year in the company of“ lighters ”: young at heart, energetic, smiling people! For whom the holiday is the time when friends, relatives gather. When everyone is happy, singing and dancing, as it should be on such a holiday! ”, Says Niko,“ I will tell you why the project got the name “Refrigerator BAND” sometime later. In the meantime, I want to leave these thoughts to my fans and all music lovers ...! ”.

According to Niko, in the framework of this special New Year project, several more tracks will probably be released in the future: “They will be energetic, fun and in an old school manner - in the tradition of what I was a few years ago!”.

In the meantime, recharge yourself with a festive mood, listen to the “New Year's Eve” track and catch congratulations on the upcoming holidays from Niko Light:

“I want to wish everyone peace, goodness, mutual understanding, happiness, health, love and success in a good and creative direction, good luck and sincere, even children's fun in the New Year! Let dreams come true and life beats the key positive! ".

Listen and download a song from the Fridge Band "New Year's Eve"

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