The mysterious world of the scorching sun and magical mirages comes to life in the new composition of the singer Mansura.

"I am your India" - another musician project Gilani Stadnikakept secret until this day. Today, the artist presents a single, but soon the oriental tale will acquire visual design.

Listen and download Mansura song “I am your India”

“We have just finished filming a video for this song,” Gilani explained, “I will not reveal the entire plot, but I’ll say that the video was filmed both in the pavilions and in the real desert. Mansura will appear before the audience in six different ways, over which worked a professional team. And the video itself was shot by a Moscow film crew and promises to be very spectacular. ”

We are likely to see the video for the song “I am your India” by the end of June 2018. Follow the news on the website of the publisher.

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