Today, popular singer Yunus Pers celebrates his 32's birthday.

According to the artist, since the holiday fell on the holy month of Ramadan, this year the celebration will be modest and will be held in a narrow circle of relatives and friends.

But the significance of this day is already the 4 year for Yunus doubled. The fact is that 17 Jun celebrates his birthday and his wife Farzana Shair.

YunusPers: “The Almighty made me such a gift ... My wife is my good luck charm!”
YunusPers: “The Almighty made me such a gift ... My wife is my good luck charm!”

“The Almighty made me such a gift ... My spouse is my good luck charm! When we met, I did not even expect the numbers to match so much, did not ask when she was born. And then I accidentally noticed a date of birth on her social network page and was very surprised, delighted! Everything is good, everything is nice, I like it! We always jointly celebrate the holiday, and, God forbid, we will do it to the last drop of life together, ”says Yunus.

Fans congratulate their idol in the morning. According to the artist, unusual surprises make him most often through social networks. In response to his wishes, he promises to surprise with new music: “I don’t like to look into the past and boast, but in a short period of my career as a musician, I did a lot. I have outlined specific plans and goals, tasks have been set. Soon you will see for yourself! Amen, ”says the artist.

We also congratulate Yunus Perce and his spouse on his birthday and wish him family happiness, love and new successes in his work!