Christina Aguilera and Jimmy Fallon, all dressed up in loose clothing, bulky hats and glasses, performed incognito on the New York subway. The duo performed Aretha Louise Franklin’s hit “Freedom”: the artist was responsible for the vocal parts, and the TV presenter was responsible for playing the guitar and backing vocals.

The performance of the stars attracted a rather large number of spectators leaving the arriving trains and simply descending into the subway, because despite the disguise, the star's voice attracted attention with its strength and purity. Traditionally, New Yorkers who started filming the show were amazed and joyful when Christina and Jimmy exposed themselves and played Aguilera's Fighter song.

The action was timed to coincide with the release of the singer's new album “Liberation” - the first “full-length” studio release after a six-year creative break.

The album “Liberation” was released today - 15 June 2018 of the year - and is not yet available for listening and downloading - this will happen soon. However, it is known that it will consist of fifteen tracks, including the previously published songs “Accelerate” and “Fall in Line”. Both singles were presented quite recently - in May 2018 of the year. Also in the album is expected track called "Like I Do". We suggest listening to all three songs right here.

“Liberation” was the eighth studio album of Christina Aguilera. It was released by producers RCA Records (American label owned by Sony Music). This is Aguilera's first album in six years after the “Lotus” record. The singer began recording an album at the end of 2014, and during the course of this work, during 2015 and 2017, she collaborated with several producers and composers to achieve the desired sound.

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