Author of unique ethnic pop projects. Islam Satyrov, together with the music publishing company “Zvuk-M”, presents the presentation of a new concert program - “Zaman”! Which will be held 4 March in Astrakhan.

“Time” - in Turkic, this is exactly the name of the recently released album and concert program, which is organized in support of it. It includes compositions that are a symbiosis of old-time musical works with modern pop music.

“I realized that this material is interesting and decided to present it to a wider public,” says Islam, “for the Nogai this is generally new! After all, it is not pure folk music that sounds, but ethno-pop, ethno-rock. There is a song, the words for which were written in the 17th century, as well as tracks on a historical, patriotic theme and, of course, about love.

And I chose the name by the song “Zaman” of the same name, since the concept of “time” is quite capacious. ”

A concert will be held in the Astrakhan State Philharmonic, 4 March. Start in 18.00. Information and ticket booking: 510-415, 8-927-576-53-55.