Popular performer Zamin Amour He is currently working on a new album, which he plans to release jointly with the music publishing company Sound-M very soon.

The track list will be composed of about 20 tracks in Russian, Turkish and Azerbaijani. The album will include both long-loved songs, including: “Dream Girl”, “Wait, Wait,” “My Miracle,” and new singles: “Password”, “Hey, Hey, Girl.”

From the long list of songs about love, life and mood, Zamin singles out the track “Thank you”, calling it his favorite:

“For me, this is the most important track in the album, because its character and meaning are very close to me. Immediately I remember the winter evening, thinking alone and a sense of gratitude to the woman who was once part of your life. The male position is visible here, everything is honest there: “Thank you for the love, for the happiness,” Zamin comments.

The release of the new album is scheduled for spring. The presentation will take place in Moscow. Then the singer plans to give big concerts in Blagoveshchensk and in Turkey.