Star of the music publishing house “Zvuk-M” Zarina Bugaeva Works in a rich tight schedule of shooting video clips and recording new songs. Now she is a successful and popular singer, whose work is valued far beyond her native Ossetia. But how did the “conquest of the Caucasus” begin?

Of course, fans of the artist will remember the first appearance of the performer on the music and entertainment channel "9 Wave". The songs “Caucasian Girl” and tracks in the Ossetian language immediately attracted the attention of the public. But one of the most popular at the time was a single called "Gentle". Numerous viewers of the federal channel were fascinated by the beautiful Ossetian vocalist and romantic composition written Margarita Biragova.

"Tenderly" is one of the songs that brought me popularity in the Caucasus! She was born simply: I turned to Margarita and asked her to write a song for me in the style of R'n'B. She agreed and from the first time got the point! I immediately liked the track, I didn’t even have to correct anything, I didn’t have to correct it. I love this song very much. She is kind, positive, and Margarita herself loves her too, ”says Zarina.

From today you can listen to the song “Tenderly” on our YouTube channeland also the track is available for download on iTunes, Google play, Apple music, Beeline Music, Yandex Music.