Since the appearance in the repertoire of the singer of the composition in the Ossetian language "Wardita" ("Roses"), fans began to fill up Zarina Bugaeva requests to make a video for this song. The actress did not make them wait long - she invited to work the director Rifat Bagaudin and in the Ossetian village of Nizhny Zaramag they shot a beautiful clip filled with flowers and declarations of love. About how everything was, Zarina told us in an interview:

- What exactly is sung in the song "Wardit"?

- This song was written by a wonderful author Fatima Gagieva. This is our first joint project, the first meeting. I came to her once for a completely different song, but I saw this text, and he immediately sank into my soul. It happens when you read the words and immediately feel, can you do it well or not? For some reason I immediately realized that this song would work out for me! Fatima also set me up that the song would be a hit, like the Ossetian listeners, because it is about our beloved Motherland - about Ossetia. In it it is sung: “look, what our land is beautiful, how many flowers and beauty are here!”. Very warm and positive track.

I wrote it down literally in two weeks, and when I released it, I was happy to find that it appealed not only to the Russian public, but also scattered throughout the foreign diasporas. And from everywhere began to receive requests to shoot a clip on it.

Zarina Bugayeva is buried in roses in the new video "Uardita"
Zarina Bugaeva is buried in roses in the new video "Wardita"

- Where exactly was the video filmed?

- Rifat and I were not originally going to make a clip with a plot, we wanted it to simply be beautiful, fascinating. We looked for suitable locations carefully, reviewed a bunch of ideas. In the end, we went at random to find the right place. It was found in the village of Koban - we saw a huge stone and imagined how beautiful it would be to scatter a lot of roses around it and plant me in the center. The idea was to show that all these flowers lie at my feet, because in the song it is sung that with their help they say “I love you”, and I answered “I love you too” ...

- How many roses did it take to create this beauty?

- We bought more than a hundred, plus a few packages with petals. And, of course, roses on my dress! It was custom-made for this video. In it I was filmed on the stage of the Ossetian theater.

For shots on the lake of the Lower Zamaramaga, I could not find a suitable outfit for a very long time, until the last day! I already started to worry - shooting tomorrow, but I still do not have a suit! I went around all the shops in the city in search of a suitable option, and already in the evening, before closing one of them, I found what I was looking for - a light, airy, but at the same time not very elegant blue dress that harmoniously fit into the video picture.

- Indeed, it turned out wonderful! Once again, congratulations on your premiere and let's tell our readers where to watch the video?

- Video already available on YouTube. Be sure to take a look and do not forget to leave your comments.


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