October 27 in Zheleznovodsk will be held a festival of bard songs "Iron String"

After a successful festival in Zheleznovodsk dedicated to the memory of Vladimir Vysotsky "I, of course, will be back ..."After gathering about a hundred bards from the Stavropol Territory, it was decided to celebrate in the same way another memorable date from the Department of Culture of the city administration.

Now, in honor of the 100 anniversary of the Komsomol organization, on October 27 an open festival of the bard song “Iron String” will be held. It will be held at the Resort Square of Zheleznovodsk, everyone can attend the event and take part in it. So, talented performers who will be in the resort city on this day have the opportunity to share their creativity with the guests of the festival!

A bard song is one of the favorite genres for authors and performers accompanying themselves on the guitar. Among the artists of the music publishing house “Zvuk-M” one of the most popular bards is Dmitry Yurkov. He devoted quite a few songs of love and friendship, to the Motherland and the nature of his land, to his reflections on God and human nature. The audience at his concerts are not just guests, they are participants of the action, bright, dancing, even theatrical! This once again underlines how the aforementioned genre contributes to rallying the listeners.

So we invite everyone to visit the festival "Iron String"! And now we offer to listen to a few songs by Dmitry Yurkov, and we remind that his tracks are available for listening and downloading on all major music services.

Photo: http://skuki.net