What are the reasons for the famous Caucasian longevity? Climate, food, lifestyle? ..

Everyone has their own opinion on this, and the heroes of the new show entertainment channel "ACB TV" eagerly shared their viewpoints with the audience.

The participants of the program "Secrets of Caucasian Longevity" became popular pop stars - artists of the music publishing house "Sound-M".

“This is not only nature, pure products, fresh mountain air ... Caucasian longevity is a state of the human soul, our adats, national qualities, our laws, and the good that our ancestors handed us. Everything is there for people to live, successfully do business and enjoy the fact that they are on this earth ", - believes Azamat Bishtov.

They also shared their views on this matter. Angelica Nachesova и Arthur Khalatov. Issues with their participation you can watch on the TV channel “ACB TV”, as well as on the channel's website: acb-tv.com in the section "Transmission"