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Weekly rating of the most popular materials, premieres and persons of music of the South of Russia

We welcome all lovers of good Caucasian music. I’m the music editor of “Zvuk-M” and a brief overview of the successes of Caucasian performers over the past week.

Islam Itlyashev with the new song “Son” burst into the leaders of the most viewed articles on the site - the premiere of this track is expected this week, Ruslan Agoev lost two positions and is now in third place with the song “Separation”, Amina Magomedova with the track “I miss you” »Moved from fifth to second place; the magnificent Kristina Yesayan recalled herself with the song “I Am With You”; and Reisan shows remarkable stability, holding for the third week in a row the sixth place in the rating of the best materials of the site with the single "Heart Like Ice". Since October 14 of 2019, this premiere has gained almost 5000 views, we are sure that it will cross this line and move on. Rustam Nakhushev somewhat lost his position with the track "Daheklei": only the fourth place in this article this week, and there is a great danger already from 18 November this single in the ranking does not see.

Weekly Viewers

November 04 - November 10 2019 of the year

🏆 1 place 1224 view

Islam Itlyashev
Total 1224 views with 05.11.2019

🏆 2 place 714 views

Amina Magomedova
"I miss you"
Total 2126 views from 29.04.2019

🏆 3 place 488 views

Ruslan Agoev
Total 3255 views from 21.10.2019

🏆 4 place 456 view

Rustam Nakhushev
Total 2873 views with 18.10.2019

🏆 5 place 325 views

Ruslan Imamirzaev
"My dream"
Total 1377 views from 26.10.2019

🏆 6 place 321 view

Reysan Magomedkerimov
“Heart is like ice”
Total 4704 views with 14.10.2019

🏆 7 place 222 view

Total 502 views with 01.11.2019

🏆 8 place 211 views

Kristina Yesayan and Ilya Sagliani
"I'm with you"
Total 596 views from 10.09.2019

🏆 9 place 170 views

Which artists are most often listened to in the Caucasus?
Total 10907 views from 25.07.2017

Best TrackCard of the week

November 04 - November 10 2019 of the year

Several interesting new products appeared in our prime list over the past week. In total, 13 of new singles and albums from Caucasian performers started, among them three leaders stood out today: according to views and auditions, they were Mayrbek Khaidarov with a soulful collection of Thoughts about Life, Rezuan Maremukov with the album Adygs and David Divad with the track Rodnaya and dear. "

🥇 1 place 201 view

Mayrbek Khaidarov
"Thoughts on life"
06.11.2019 Premiere Date

🥈 2 place 185 views

Rezuan Maremukov
05.11.2019 Premiere Date

🥉 3 place 141 view

David Divad
“Native and sweet”
05.11.2019 Premiere Date

Top TrackCards of All Time

🎖 1 place 2910 views

Rustam Nakhushev, Arthur Gongapsh. "Medley"
06.08.2019 Premiere Date

🎖 2 place 2528 views

Azamat Tsavkilov. "Where did you come from"
02.08.2019 Premiere Date

🎖 3 place 2408 views

Kristina Yesayan, Ilya Sagliani. “I am with you” (remix)
10.09.2019 Premiere Date