Danial. "Insomnia"

Fierce restless love turns the world around into a kaleidoscope of problems and altered feelings that deprive you of sleep and the will to live. Singer Danial presents a new single - "Insomnia"

Reisan Magomedkerimov. "Ay, yes op"

“No matter how hard I tried to cross it out, I couldn’t, I couldn’t order my heart and say “stop”...” Reisan Magomedkerimov presented a new dynamic single about maddening love - “Ay, yes op”

Ruslan Shanov. "Queen"

Ruslan Shanov spoke about the beautiful chosen one of his heart in a new track about irresistible emotions and feelings - “Queen”

Shamil Kasheshov. "Do not search"

“So eternal love has ended with you, I didn’t expect it from you, now go away...” The famous poet, composer and singer of the Caucasus Shamil Kasheshov released a bright musical novelty “Don’t Look”

EGO. "Woman"

“From the first smile I was captivated by you, forgive me for my mistakes, and thank you for always being with me...” Singer EGO presented fans with a fascinating original composition about fate and love - “Woman”

Zagir Satyrov. "You are my Love"

“The sun shines on me because you are near...” The famous Caucasian performer Zagir Satyrov sang about his beloved, a guardian angel and the source of true happiness, in the new single “You are my love.” Composer Shamil Kasheshov, music by Zagir Satyrov

Tural Everest. "Alien"

An old love flares up with renewed vigor after many years, but everything has changed. Tural Everest presents a new single - "Alien"

MY-RO. "Lezginka"

Performer MY-RO presented a bright musical novelty - “Lezginka”

Aina Getagazova - She-Wolf | Premiere of the video 2024

Aina Getagazova presented a story-based video clip for the new single - “Wolf”. Author of the idea and script - Honored Artist of the Republic of Ingushetia Mikhail Bazorkin

Jamal Bakhmudov, Jamilya Bayramova - Purple Lily | Premiere of the video 2024

“Night, don’t take my sun back, exchanging the rays for a snowstorm...” About emotions and love, fear of losing and hope of gaining. A video clip has been released for a new single performed by Jamal Bakhmudov and Jamila Bayramova - “Purple Lily”

Sultan Laguchev - Hysterical | Premiere of the video 2024

“You are perfect, very scandalous, everything combines in you...” Meet the video clip for Sultan Laguchev’s new hit - the music single “Hysterical”

Medina Melik - Naive | Premiere of the video 2024

“Naive, naive, I believed his words... Naive, naive, now you cry at night...” Performer Medina Melik presented a video for a new composition - “Naive”

Arthur Kunizhev - Don't run away | Premiere of the video 2024

“Don’t run away, stay by my side, don’t disappear, because this is fate...” A chance meeting in a cafe changes the life of a young man. The main thing is not to miss your happiness. Arthur Kunizhev presented a story video for the new single - “Don’t Run Away”

Tamara Garibova – Aetens ke peristera | Premiere of the video 2024

Love is the incredible warmth and magic that fills our hearts. A light-filled video clip for the song “Aetens Ke Peristera” was presented by singer Tamara Garibova

ABI - Walk, soul | Premiere of the video 2024

“Walk, soul, walk, play the string, play our song... Walk with your friends, among your loved ones from dark to dark, so...” Performer ABI has released a bright video for the new track “Walk, Soul”

Ruslan Malaev - Greetings from the 90s | Premiere of the video 2024

“You are young, and I am already an adult, and this is so strange and difficult to understand. I like to solve issues in life, but you want to go to the club, you want to go for a walk...” Charismatic Ruslan Malaev presented a video clip for the new single - “Greetings from the 90s "to words and music by Timur Kitov

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Arthur Tekeev captivated the audience of Andrei Malakhov’s program “Songs from the Whole Heart” with the composition “Heels”

Artur Tekeev took part in Andrei Malakhov’s program “Songs from the Whole Heart” on the Rossiya TV channel, performing for the audience his hit song “Heels”

Sultan Laguchev was awarded the “Chanson of the Year 2024” award

On April 20, Sultan Laguchev was awarded a prestigious award at the “Chanson of the Year 2024” ceremony, which took place at the Live Arena

Aiza Dzharimova. “You can’t persuade the heart”

Love is long gone, but memories of it continue to torment the soul, and there is no way to get rid of them. A new heartfelt song by Aiza Dzharimova “But you can’t persuade the heart” has been released

Kaplano. "Señorita"

Kaplano sang about a guy’s heart broken by sudden love in his new composition “Señorita”

Takhmina Umalatova. "Stole My Heart (Slowed Version)"

Singer Takhmina Umalatova has released a new version of the sensual track “Stole My Heart (Slowed Version)”

Oksana Dzhelieva. "Chocolate"

“I am chocolate, and I will melt in your hands, but I will not give you the answer, where you will find me, where you will lose...” Oksana Dzhelieva presented the listeners with a new fast-paced composition “Chocolate”

Nadia Mikayil. "With you"

"With you". A sincere song with an appeal to a loved one was presented by Nadia Mikayil

Igor Dishkantyuk. “I didn’t ask you to forget”

“Just tell me that you and I are not a couple at all, and every time in the silence your heart became small...” A dramatic track about love was released by singer Igor Dishkantyuk

KuzMinOff. "Rolled Out (DJ Prezzplay Remix)"

Performer KuzMinOff presented a new version of the single “Rolled Out (DJ Prezzplay Remix)” filled with life and deep meaning.

Igor Ezeev. "You are mine"

“The wind hugs your shoulders, and I stand and wait to meet you...” Singer Igor Ezeev presented a new composition about boundless love - “You are mine”

Maryana Shetova. "Free Bird"

“There were ups and downs, failures and good fortune, there was heat and cold in my soul...” Maryana Shetova’s melodic track “Free Bird” was released

Umaro, Stas Tashkentsky. "Let's go on a spree"

For the sake of true friends, you can leave everything and have a good holiday. The brutal duet Umaro and Stas Tashkentsky released a new single "Let's Spree"

Avraam. "We're dancing around"

“But I don’t know, have I seen you before, okay, then I’ll find out, let’s see what happens next...” The incendiary dance track “We Spin in the Dance” was presented by singer Avraam

Astemir Terkulov. "Gorgeous"

“You’re like a song - you warm my heart, and I won’t find something dearer. Even you won’t have time to hide, and I’ll steal you...” The romantic track “Beauty” was released for fans of the Caucasian song by Astemir Terkulov