May 3 - Day of the revival of the Karachai people

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Today, May 3 in Karachay-Cherkessia celebrates the Day of the Revival of the Karachai people, which is dedicated to the return of the Karachays after the deportation from Central Asia, where they were forced to spend 14 years before they could return to their homeland.

Today, May 3 in Karachay-Cherkessia celebrates the Day of the revival of the Karachai people. Photos from

A lot of songs were dedicated to this period and today's holiday by Caucasian artists, including the stars of the music publishing house “Zvuk-M”.

We congratulate the representatives of the Karachay people on the holiday and offer to recall the compositions written to them.

Today Islam Malsuigenov presented his new track "Qarachay", having performed it at a festival held on the central square in the city of Cherkessk. The song will be available for streaming and download in digital stores on May 11.

We also invite you to recall the clip "Tau halkim", which ARIS APPAEV devoted to the subject of eviction of the Balkar people, and the song "Karachay" Aliki Bogatyrevawritten in the words of Unukh Bogatyrev. Music to the song Alika wrote herself.

“This composition speaks of the courage and courage of the Karachais. I wanted to tell about the strength of their spirit, about how, in spite of all the difficult life trials, the Karachais withstood, holding together, were not broken! This song is also dear to me because my father's younger brother put all his soul into writing words to it ... For me it has already become a small hymn, and every time I sing it, I am overwhelmed with pride for my people! " - says the artist.

All these tracks you can listen and download on all digital music services.

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