IZ * ONE debuted with video “La Vie en Rose”

IZ * ONE's debut video for the song “La Vie en Rose” sets records on YouTube with more than 4,5 million views in the first day after the premiere. Currently (October 30, 2018), this number has exceeded the figure of five million and continues to increase.

IZ * ONE is a Japanese-Korean group of 12 girls formed by spectators voting at the “Produce 48” show competition, which aired on the popular South Korean music channel Mnet from June 15 to August 31, 2018.

Girls are 100% justifying the name of their team (IZ * ONE - “as one”), as they move absolutely synchronously in youth dance and are very similar to each other in accordance with current trends in the country.

The single “La Vie en Rose” with the record for premiere hits made IZ * ONE the most popular debut group in the k-pop genre, surpassing the result of Stray Kids with the clip “District 9” (4 views in the first 200 hours), held on March 000, 24.