Name: (Kurbanadamov, Abakar Rustamovich)
Date of Birth: November 25.05.1997, XNUMX
Place of Birth: With. Kharbuk, Republic of Dagestan
Education: Music College named after Gottfried Alievich Hasanov 2016
Singles: “Oh, this girl”, “Poisonous”
Life motto: “I don’t stand still and am always looking for something new”

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Abakar Kurbanadamov was born into the family of Rustam and Raziyat on May 25, 1997 in the village of Kharbuk, Dakhadaevsky district, Republic of Dagestan.
Father is a musician, Mom is a doctor.
The boy was named after his uncle
Abakar traditionally has a large family - younger brother Magomedali and sister Amina
The family moved often
When Abakar was 2 years old, the family left for Kizlyar, then they moved to Makhachkala.
Abakar has been interested in sports from an early age. He played football and boxing. Tries to go to the gym often.
Prefers home cooking.
As a child, he studied the ancient folk dance of the Caucasus - “Lezginka”, which currently helps him in his professional career.
After graduating from the 9th grade, in 2012, he entered the music school named after Gottfried Alievich Hasanov, the faculty of “Special instrument accordion”, from which he graduated in 2016. Also studied vocals.
From an early age, Abakar showed an interest in music, and his father decided to support him in this direction.
The artist's professional career began with working with his father. Then Abakar recorded covers of Dargin and Russian songs.
Currently he performs works by both other composers and his own compositions. He sings in different languages ​​of Russia and Dagestan in particular.
Abakar is the leader of the Aradesh group, which was founded in 2012 by his father Rustam Kurbanadamov.
Life motto: “I never stand still and always look for something new”
Abakar is a good family man, raising two sons with his wife Zarema.

Abakar also has his own recording studio.
Loves to spend time at sea with both family and friends. Most of all he likes to drive.

Articles about ABAKAR

ABAKAR. "Poisonous"

ABAKAR. "Poisonous"

Exuding the poison of love, passion and hypnosis, bewitching with words and touches, the queen of soul and body. Meet the new track from ABAKAR - "Poisonous"