Adam Ahmmiz discovered scuba diving

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Adam Ahmmiz: “Now, wherever I go, I will look for diving!”

Famous artist Adam achmizWhile relaxing at Cape Tarkhankut, which is located in the west of Crimea, I first tried diving and from the very first dive I realized that it was him!

Famous artist Adam Achmiz first tried to dive
Famous artist Adam Achmiz first tried to dive

He shared his emotions and feelings on the social network with his subscribers:

Adam achmiz
Adam achmiz

"I did it! Four scuba dives in the Underwater Odyssey. I saw another world. I touched the dolphins. That's great rarity. It's good that I got rid of the last swim. When our group dispersed and all were transported, we sailed to the open sea, to a depth of 13 meters. I touched my childhood, which I saw from the TV screen in Jacques Cousteau’s program. Mysterious depths of the ocean! Now, wherever I go, I will look for diving. It would be nice to the Mediterranean. I surfaced and began to choke on the surface. This is an incomparable feeling! For the first time in my life, I don’t have enough words! ”

Adam Achmize. Cape Tarkhankut, Crimea, Russia
Adam Achmize. Cape Tarkhankut, Crimea, Russia

Tarkhankut is not for nothing called a paradise on the edge of the earth. The stunning beauty of this place has long attracted tourists and divers from around the world.

“It's like meditation! A person is aware of every moment and every breath. Just imagine, you can live like this all your life - to live life to the fullest every moment ... every moment ... If you smooth out all the folds of my thoughts, I can flood the whole world ... It will be cooler further! "

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