"Ay Aman" - premiere from EGO!

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Meet the new author's track EGO - "Ai aman"!


“Today many songs are released that depend on the direction of music: everything is divided into genres and each of them has its own canons. This is very boring. That is why I wanted to write a youth composition, but at the same time - with notes of national flavor.
As usual, I wrote about love, because for me this feeling is very simple, understandable, but at the same time full and multifaceted, which gives a lot of scope for creativity. I wanted to hear a light, kind sound to get just such a mood. Whether we were able to achieve the desired result or not - the listener will appreciate ”, - comments EGO.

You can evaluate the new product right now - the single "Ay Aman" is available for listening on our website.

Listen and download the EGO song “Ay Aman”


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