Aidamir Eldarov quail his duet with Angelikly Nyachesova “I can't be without you”

Aydamir Eldarov is preparing a new version of the hit "I Can't Without You"

Popular Caucasian Performer Aidamir Eldarov is preparing to release an updated version of the hit “Without You, I Can't”, which was previously performed in a duet with Angelica Nacheva.


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Publication by Aidamir Eldarov (@aidamir_eldarov)

For the first time, the public heard this song in 2005, which served to form a concert duet of artists as part of a tour of the North Caucasus: "Aydamir & Angelica".

Aidamir Eldarov
Aidamir Eldarov

“It was the best time when we worked together with Angela,” recalls Aidamir, “the time when we saw each other more often than our parents and family, when days and nights between concerts we spent time in the studios, recording new songs, which Angelica created even on the road, composed poems for a new hit...

Now, many years later, I wanted to remember this song, and with Angelica’s permission I performed it alone. In a duet, of course, she can only sound with her, and with no one else. That's why I prepared a solo version as well. Now the demo is ready, we are writing a track with my friend, younger brother, Ruslan Abdokov, whom I torment with my ideas day and night!” (laughs).

Aidamir Eldarov and Angelika Nacheva
Aidamir Eldarov and Angelika Nacheva

In addition, the artist is also working on another new version of the composition, beloved by the audience. But we'll talk about this later ...


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