"Si Dahae" ("My Beautiful") - a new song in Kabardian language performed by Aidamira Eldarova @aidamir_eldarov. Other artists used to sing this composition, but today the public will hear it in a more dynamic variation.

Aidamir Eldarov
Aidamir Eldarov

“In the original, the track sounds more restrained, but we Ramie daroka @rami_daroka decided to revive it, making it more danceable, as our generation loves.
The song talks about love, about how subtly, at first glance, to confess it to a girl seen in a circle of dancers. The hero of the composition is explained in his feelings by the expression: “It is better to be loved than you will love” and asks her to marry him, to become his couple, ”the artist explains.

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