Aidamir Mugu

Name: Mugu Aidamir Khizirovich
Date of Birth: 16 April 1990 city
Place of Birth: Maykop
Ranks: Honored Artist of the Republic of Adygea
Education: GITIS (Moscow), acting department
Start a music career: 2013g
Albums: "Black eyes", "My beloved", "Deja vu"
Life motto: "Always just ahead!"
A. Mugu: “Music for me is a way of life”.

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Aidamir Mugu. "True man's heart"

Aidamir Mugu. "True man's heart"

“Don’t touch the boy’s heart, he has his own path and his own destiny...” The famous Russian singer Aidamir Mugu released a new musical hit, “The Boy’s Heart.” Poet and composer Artur Besaev