Charming singers from Vladikavkaz - Albina и Fati Tsarikayev visited the Arkhyz 24 TV channel, taking part in the Good Morning program.

In an interview with the presenter Alina Kochkarova, they told them how their way to success began, sharing how their parents helped them to make a choice.

“Our usual hobby, our ordinary love of music, was tremendously supported by our parents,” Albina says. “Therefore, for who we are now, we are grateful to them!”

The girls also said that from an early age they began to take part in concerts, and therefore, they did not manage to finish their studies at a music school, although 4 of the year studied there.

Speaking about her repertoire, the actresses told that the songs they perform about their parents and grandparents are all dedicated to their own people, childhood, their lives, and Albina writes them.

“Basically, she writes the entire repertoire herself,” Faty says, “she can do it so skillfully!” For example, it can serve some great story from childhood deliciously and competently in one piece. ”

In addition, the performers talked about sisterly feelings, about concert performances, about their hobbies and many other things ...

The full version of the interview can be viewed now.