Albina Tokova: "Turnala" is a song-cry of my Karachai people! "

Premieres Kavkaz MusicAlbina Tokova: “The Journal” is a lament song of my Karachai people! ”

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Albina Tokova presented a clip dedicated to the deportation of Karachais

Today, with the support of the label "Kavkaz Music" a clip was released Albina Tokova "The Journal." This is a composition in the Karachay language, in which it is said about the most difficult actress of the time for the people - the forced eviction of Karachais during the repressions of 1943.

The clip used frames from the movie Marat Duraev “Sentenced to oblivion”but the main storyline unfolds around the story of a mother of two children, forced to hold the blow of fate. This role went to Albina Tokova.

About how the shooting went and about the main goal of the project, we decided to talk with the artist herself and with the director, as well as the author of the script for the video - Magomed Kumykov.

- First, let's talk about the song itself. When did you get the idea to shoot a video for her?

Albina Tokova
Albina Tokova

Albina Tokova: The author of words and music for this composition is the People's Artist of the KCR - a songwriter Albert Uzdenov... I have been performing it for 10 years now, and every time I let it pass through myself, I worry, I remember my grandfather and grandmother. Longing fills the soul, and tears appear in the eyes. The song is psychologically difficult, of course ...
In the film “Sentenced to oblivion,” she sounds during the credits. Marat Duraev considered that this song deserves a separate project and decided that it would be good to shoot a clip, telling it another story of the family that suffered from this tragedy.

Magomed Kumykov
Magomed Kumykov

Magomed Kumykov: The composition of "Turnal" is well known among Karachais and Balkars. Other peoples also love her. The only goal in creating the video was not to spoil the song, not to distort its perception.

- Where was the video filmed? And how long did this work take?

Albina Tokova: We shot the beginning of the clip in the Nogai village of Erken-Yurt. This place is very suitable for the scene with kyamar (women's handmade belt made of silver). Further shooting took place in the village of Shhauat, in the Kichi-Balyksky rural settlement (Malokarachaevsky district).
These are the most beautiful places! The house, which is more than 200 years old, served as the main location. We were told that the name of the former owners is the Goguevs. Very unusual place. There was even heard the flapping of the wing of an eagle flying over us during the filming ...

Magomed Kumykov: Filming lasted 2 days, but the preparatory phase took more than a month. During this time, actors were selected, costumes were sewn. After all, there is very little that can be found ready from the era of the 40s of the last century.
During the filming of the clip, the weather was severe. By the way, the February cold with a barrage wind perfectly conveyed the atmosphere and mood of the song itself.

Shooting a video clip of Albina Tokova "Journal"
Shooting a video clip of Albina Tokova "Journal"

- Tell us about the plot of the video, roles and actors.

Magomed Kumykov: According to the script, the heroine of Albina Tokova returns to her home after expulsion. She is upset at the state of her homeland, that not everyone has returned from a foreign land. But, at the same time, she is full of hope that everything will be formed, and her people will be reborn and prove their right to a peaceful life and justice!

Shooting a video clip of Albina Tokova "Journal"
Shooting a video clip of Albina Tokova "Journal"

Albina Tokova: The role came easy to me. Apparently, because I was wearing a feather shawl from my grandmother, who was no longer alive, and the “kamar” belt, which was provided to me by fashion designer Zarema Adzhieva. This is a family belt that has passed 4 generations and is preserved.

Shooting a video clip of Albina Tokova "Journal"
Shooting a video clip of Albina Tokova "Journal"

My heroine is a mother of two small children, from a family with a long family history, which suddenly found itself in difficult conditions, when all of our people were forced to survive. Of course, everyone who managed to grab something with them that terrible night exchanged it for food. Literally everything! And my heroine was no exception, she came to the market to take a jar of flour in exchange for her family heirloom, but in the end she could not give up the memory of her ancestors ... She had a choice: to feed her children or give her culture, her memory for a can of flour, their people ... But, as our grandmothers said, there in Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan, where our ancestors were sent, people treated them with understanding and pity, helped as much as they could, there was compassion for those who, like cattle, were brought in wagons to a foreign land ...
And according to the plot, the saleswoman felt sorry for my heroine and generously gave her this jar of flour just like that.
By the way, the flour seller is not just an actress, but not even an actress at all, but a deputy of the People's Assembly of the KChR - Muratkhan Mikhailovich. She immediately agreed to take part in such a project and reacted with great trepidation both to the game in the video, and to the scene itself on the market. Thank you very much for that!

Magomed Kumykov: The heroine Muratkhan Mikhailovich showed that even in the most difficult times, a person must remain a person. The actors also took part in the clip: Alina Kubanova, Aslan Hubiev, Totay Bekuatova, Svetlana Mutsalkhanova, Mariam Kipkeeva, Nauruz Kipkeev.

Shooting a video clip of Albina Tokova "Journal"
Shooting a video clip of Albina Tokova "Journal"

- Albina, you very truthfully conveyed the emotions of your heroine. Without tears, it is impossible to look at her suffering, the throwing of her soul, her tears. Was it difficult then to get out of the image?

Albina Tokova: When touching upon the theme of repressions and expulsion of all peoples, not just my Karachai, I immediately enter the state that is called "complete immersion in sadness." I believe that this is the most unfair thing that could be done to the peoples in those days. It was not easy to get out of the image, but considering that this was a shoot, I had to quickly rebuild.
Of course, I’m an actress not the most “awful” one, but this story had to be played just like that, and Magomed Kumykov helped me a lot in this. Thanks to him separately for this.

Magomed Kumykov: Well, all these shootings were organically included in the frames from the film “Sentenced to oblivion” by Marat Duraev. This documentary describes all the hardships and the horror of the eviction of the Karachai people.

- The clip of "Journal" is a significant contribution to the cultural heritage of the Karachai people. A significant project for everyone whose families have been affected by such a disaster. What would you like to say to the audience on the day of the premiere?

Magomed Kumykov: For me personally, this is one of the most difficult and interesting projects. Such work is extremely important for the younger generation, for educational purposes. And the older generation should not forget what they have gone through. Cranes fly away to foreign lands, but they always return in the spring ...

Albina Tokova: I would only like to thank without interruption those who helped this video to be born! The most important thanks, of course, to the creators of the film "Sentenced to Oblivion", in particular - to Marat Duraev, for their support and for the idea of ​​creation! Thanks to Khanafi Khasanov - Deputy Director of the Museum-Reserve of Karachay-Cherkessia, Magomed Kumykov, whom I rightfully consider the best director, the best screenwriter, who feels and correctly presents any of his products, each of which is not similar to the previous one. Thanks to the guys, its operators, in particular - Islam Azamatov. Many thanks to the kids who played the role of my children - Aslanchik Khubiev and Alinochka Kubanova. The biggest thanks and my admiration to our unsurpassed Muratkhan Adzhigereevna Mikhailovich! And to everyone who took part, but I did not mention them - thank you so much!
This is my first music video, which, I hope, will not be "the first pancake lumpy" ... And thanks to all those who love my work and have been waiting for a video for this particular song for so many years. “Turnala” is the crying song of my Karachai people!

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