The solid place of the album “Not with me” in the “Hip-Hop / Rap” section is another victory of EGO.

In this album The most popular tracks written in different periods of the artist’s life are collected: “All these songs are special for me, some memories are connected with each, since I wrote about my personal life,” the rapper says.

The interesting thing is that in due time EGO I did not even plan to release an album, but when the number of tracks exceeded fifty, I decided to select the most successful ones and arrange it in this way.

The artist is calm about the performance of the music chart: “Alexander Pushkin said: "Praise and slander accepted indifferently and do not dispute the fool"I try to follow his words and pay no attention to anything except work on the songs. It's nice that the album is in the chart, but no more. For the future I will try to work more and better, and time will show there! ”

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